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Multiple1380679OEM Flame Sensor HSI SB78.00

OEM Flame Sensor HSI SB used in Arcoaire; Comfortmaker; Heil; Intercity Products (ICP); Kenmore; Snyder General; Tempstar; Whirlpool equipment. Replaces Part Numbers: 1380679; 1001358; 1006242; 1380653; 1380679; 1380685; LF18-194; LF18194; PSE-SG3; PSESG3. Used in Comfortmaker; Heil; Intercity Products (ICP); Snyder General; Tempstar Models: CGUA040A010-L; CGUA040A010L; CGUA0404010-L; CGUA0404010L; GDA060A012A; GDA060A012AIM; GDA080A012A; GDA080A012AIM; GDA080A016A; GDA080A016AIM; GDA100A016A; GDA100A016AIM; GDA100A020A; GDA100A020AIM; GDA120A020A; GDA120A020AIM; GDE045A008AIM; GDE067A012AIM; GDE090A012AIM; GDE090A016AIM; GDE113A016AIM; GDE113A020AIM; GDE135A020AIM; GNL050N12A1; GUA040A010AIN; GUA060A012AIN; GUA080A012AIN; GUA080A016AIN; GUA100A016AIN; GUA100A020AIN; GUA120A016AIN; GUA120A020AIN; GUD40A012AIN; GUDO6OA14AIM; GUDO6OA14A1M; GUDO6OAO14AIM; GUDO6OA014A1M; GUD60A014AIN; GUD80A016AIN; GUD100A020AIN; GUF17520B; GUG047A008IN; GUG070A008IN; GUG070A012IN; GUG094A012IN; GUG117A016IN; GUG117A020IN; GUG141A020IN; GUH060A012IL; GUH060A012IN; GUH075A012IL; GUH075A012IN; GUH100A016IL; GUH100A016IN; GUH125A016IL; GUH125A016IN; GUH125A020IL; GUH125A020IN and many others.


Package Quantity1
TypeFlame Sensor