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MultipleB1370738Air Handler Sequencer Time Delay Blower Relay58.00

Air Handler Sequencer Time Delay Blower Relay for Amana; Goodman; Janitrol equipment. Technical Specifications: Used with 8-10 KW Heat Strips. 10 second delay on make, 90 second delay on break; switch action SPDT. Replaces Part Numbers: B1370738; B13707-38; BT1370700; A0937; C65-115; C65115; H1-25; H125; H24V; 12S50; 305234; Used in Amana; Goodman; Janitrol Models: A18-00; A18-05; A18-05C; A18-06; A18-08; A18-10; A24-00; A24-00-2; A24-05; A24-05C; A24-08; A24-08C; A24-10; A24-10C; A24-12; A30-00; A30-05; A30-08; A30-08C; A30-10; A30-10C; A30-12; A30-15; A32-00; A32-03; A32-05; A32-05C; A32-08; A32-08C; A32-10; A32-15; A36-00; A36-00-2; A36-05; A36-05C; A36-06; A36-08; A36-08C; A36-10; A36-10C; A36-15; A36-20; A42-00; A42-05; A42-08C; A42-10; A42-10C; A42-15; A42-20; A48-00; A48-00-2; A48-08C; A48-10; A48-15; A48-20; A49-00; A49-08; A49-08C; A49-10; A49-15; A49-20; A60-00; A60-00-2; A60-10; A60-15; A60-20; A61-00; A61-10; A61-15; A61-20; AW18-00; AW18-00PLN; AW18-03; AW18-03C; AW18-05; AW18-05C; AW18-05PLN; AW18-06; AW18-06C; AW18-06PLN; AW18-08; AW18-08C; AW18-10; AW24-00; AW24-00PLN; AW24-03; AW24-03C; AW24-05; AW24-05C; AW24-05PLN; AW24-06; AW24-08.


Package Quantity1
TypeTime Delay Relay